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Each slice of cake comes on a pretty 6" or 7" china saucer with a gold fork tied with a bow  and a tiny dried rosebud to place on the tines as a "taste of cake".  Saucers will vary.





cakeslice1.jpg (89459 bytes)SHABBY CHIC  Made with pink and white larkspur and topped with real dried roses. Shabby and chic!  $35.00

tearosecake1.jpg (92642 bytes) TEA ROSE   Made with lots of tiny real dried pink rosebuds and white larkspur. Delightful!  $35.00      

wholecake1.jpg (94914 bytes)PINK DELIGHT   This whole cake is made with pink and white larkspur with dried roses and  silk flowers on top. Do you have a pretty cake stand you would like to display? Wouldn't this cake look yummy on it? (This one does not come with a plate) $75.00


strawberry jam cake.jpg (43126 bytes)STRAWBERRY JAM Made with moss "icing", burgundy parchment roses and milo berry "filling". Looks like strawberry jam!  $35.00

hydrangeacake1.jpg (55920 bytes)ELEGANCE  Made with silk hydrangea "icing" , ivory parchment roses, berries and bracken fern. Very elegant!  $35.00

POSY PARFAIT.jpg (53922 bytes)POSY PARFAIT   How about an Ice Cream Sundae!  Made from dried roses with a touch of moss in a ice cream soda glass filled with pink  larkspur.  A couple of wooden straws and a sheer pink bow add the finishing touch.  It measures 9.5" high.  Shabby and chic!   $38.00




























Round Rose Cake.jpg (63099 bytes)ROUND ROSE  This little round cake has white larkspur "icing" topped with dark pink dried roses, golden yarrow and dusty blue berries. It measures 3.5" high by 4" diameter. $32.00