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5x7whiterose.jpg (115876 bytes)WHITE ROSE     This frame is covered with green sheet moss, ivory parchment roses, silk hydrangeas, white larkspur and pepper berries. 

red3x5.jpg (124599 bytes)ROSY RED  Made with dried red rosebuds, red milo berries and white rice flower on a sheet moss covered frame.

tearoseframe1.jpg (119881 bytes)TEA ROSE  Made with dried pink tea roses, white larkspur and lavender berries on a sheet moss covered frame.




All frames available in these sizes  ~3x5=$25.00 ~ 5x7=$28.00 ~ 8x10=$38.00~





















SUNSET frame.jpg (64685 bytes)SUNSET  This  frame covered with sheet moss, dried rosebuds, golden yarrow, red eucalyptus bells and dusty blue berries.

ROYALLY Framed.jpg (52044 bytes)ROYALLY FRAMED    This royal frame is covered with sheet moss, dried roses, pepper berries, bracken fern, a few rusty stars and of course a rusty crown!